How does asbestos look? How can I know the presence of asbestos in my residential property? These are quite a few questions professionals are usually asked by their clients. Unfortunately, there are no direct answers to the questions because asbestos can take on several forms.  

Asbestos is basically a group of mineral fibers or fibrous silicate minerals which normally happens as bundles. Asbestos was heavily mined all over the world in the middle to late ‘90s. Because of its ability to resist high to extreme temperatures, corrosive chemicals, harsh weather conditions, asbestos was widely known and used in the production of a broad range of building materials which include ceiling boards, flooring, cement, roof tiles, and also, woven materials such as mats and most commonly, pipe insulation.  

As a matter of fact, the small fibers which consist asbestos were usually added to the materials to make them even harder and stronger. Because it had always become part of the actual construction materials, asbestos comes in several different shapes and sizes, and is not often simple to find asbestos anywhere on your property. 

When asbestos fibers penetrate and cling to your lungs, there is no way to remove it. However, asbestosis may be controlled although it can’t be totally neutralized. Despite all the regulations and prohibitions, people still remain vulnerable to asbestosis. The hazards of too much exposure to asbestos fibers are ranked the highest among construction contractors (since older residences and buildings had plenty of asbestos) and those people who had worked in shipbuilding before the year 80’s. 

One of the best steps, in order to lessen your risk to indirect or secondhand exposure, is having an asbestos survey. If you are living in an old building or residential property, or have any reasons to suspect that you might be getting exposed to this harmful element, and having a survey can lead you to an exact and accurate identification of asbestos.  

Only professional and experienced asbestos removal service providers can totally get rid of asbestos in any portion of the building including your ceiling, walls, and garage. This makes sure that you don’t risk undetected exposure to asbestos which could result to harmful and potentially deadly illnesses. 

Professional and highly reputable asbestos removal contractors could be a big help for you when it comes to asbestos testing and removal. They do inspections of your building or residential property, and determine any asbestos exposure hazards which might be present. In some circumstance, they take samples of asbestos and brought it to the laboratory for further testing to just be sure of the contamination. Once they have performed a thorough and professional inspection, and there really is a presence of asbestos, they will do their best to get rid of that harmful mineral.  

When getting rid of asbestos, they always make sure that they eliminate any harmful risks to you as well as your loved ones, or even to staff. Also, they are able to replace any insulation, woodwork, ceiling or roofing in spots where asbestos had been removed.