Attention to detail and all local ingredients produce deliciously creamy cheeses with unique flavors only found here in the Upper Wenatchee Valley.


All of Cascade Cheese's products are aged a minimum of two months and up to a year. The process of finishing the cheese (affinage) requires daily attention. We cave the cheese at specific temperatures and humidity, turning the wheels and washing them in light brines, local ales or herbs to promote complexities in future flavors, textures and character specific to each of our cheeses. This finishing and our use of local milk, flora and fauna, makes our cheese unique to the upper Wenatchee valley and Leavenworth. 

Cascade Creamery operates in Cashmere, along the Wenatchee River just east of Leavenworth. Some of our cheese can be sampled by simply dining at Pavz Cafe in Leavenworth, or can be purchased at our cafe or from grocery stores around the state.

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All of our cheeses are handmade  from fresh, local, 100% Jersey cows' milk.

At Cascade Cheese we use only local raw cows' milk to produce premium-quality cheeses from our home in the heart of the Cascade Mountains. Jersey cows are treasured for the higher fat content of their milk, making it extra creamy and flavorful. Using Jersey cows' milk for our cheeses ensures a rich creaminess that you just can't find anywhere else.